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Danae & Dionysios

Artists involved:

Constantine Skourlis

Costas Chrysafidis

Ioulia Zacharaki

Dafin Antoniadou

Nicolas Chatzivasiliadis

Emmanouela Pechynaki

Danae & Dionysios

Inspired by:

The initiative of Club Guy & Roni and created for their digital 24h Art Carousel, to support Doctors Without Borders. 


If we stop and stare, still in silence only for a little, only for a moment. 


What do we see? What do we hear?


The earth is moving and the wind is howling, life is not stopping.


What can we say to the clouds in the sky or to the beasts or to the rocks. 


The water falls from distance and silently we watch. 


So here I am still learning from the trees and flying with the birds.


The root of the tree, the wing of the bird.


Come and walk with us tonight, listen to the untold stories.


"Oasi" is a place where one can find balance in the midst of chaos, where calmness meets absolute consciousness.


  Αs apprentices of nature and movement Danae & Dionysios take us to a digital journey of their world, around some of the very special hideouts in Greece. Together with dear friends and artists, they have taken over multiple outdoor places trying to connect, play and share their intimacy with their surrounding space. Again nature becomes the canvas of abstract stories by keeping the body, its memories and tendencies alive, we blend or extinguish, we absorb or reflect, we always try to balance within the simplicity and beauty of our environment. Taking us to the top οf the mountain, to the bottom of the sea.