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Free At Last:


Choreographers : Danae & Dionysios

Performers :  Ioulia Zacharaki, Natalia Baka, Emmanouela Pechkynaki, Irini Daskalaki, Dafin Antoniadou, Danae Dimitriadi

Music Composer : Constantine Skourlis

Costume Designer : Danae Grimopoulou

Light Designer : Jorg Schellekens

Cello : Konstantinos Chinis

Vocals : Maira Milolidaki

Loom Weaving : Loomigans

Lighting Adjustment : Lampros Papoulias, Vangelis Mountrichas

Original Cast : Pauline de Laet, Livia Petillo, Ioulia Zacharaki, Danae Dimitriadi

Mystical imagery and dark atmosphere. Greek tradition is deconstructed and linked with the present, as the legendary Dance of Zalongos inspires an original choreography. Danae and Dionysios, carry the emotionally charged "last dance" from the edge of the cliff onto the stage, conveying the movement towards the brink of the abyss. Bodies turn into earth, nourishing in turn what once nourished them. From the ground to the sky; from the roots to the blooming flowers; from the end to the beginning; from the beginning to the end: the endless cycle of life, death and rebirth. A performance that vividly brings to life the creatures of the natural world.

Free At Last premiered in June 2019, produced by Theater Rotterdam, with the support of Stichting Droom en Daad, RIDCC and Big Story Productions. The Free At Last: Rerooted version was presented for the first time at the Athens Festival 2021.

With the support of:

Athens Epidaurus Festival

Theater Rotterdam Productiehuis


Big Story Performing Arts

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