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Choreographers & Dancers: Danae & Dionysios

Music Composer: Constantine Skourlis

Costume Designer: Vaya Nikolakopoulou

Light Designer: Llorenc Parra





With the support of:

Onassis Cultural Center

Big Story Productions

One Dance Week

L'Estruch Fabrica De Creatio

Centre Civic Barceloneta

Is there anything more malleable than the human body? Dance is the art that concerns itself with the body’s transformations, that is interested in our ability both to view the body in poetic ways and to contemplate the human condition through it.

Danae Dimitriadi and Dionysios Alamanos experiment with that most familiar of tools: the body. They explore its fragility but also its endurance, using movement as a means of conveying transformations into and back out of whatever constitutes the natural origins of humankind, whatever has been effaced by culture.

In ATMA, a series of themes selected for their power to move and sensitize audiences are made visual by the two artists. The bestial is contrasted with the human, the Apollonian with the Dionysian, not so as to create yet another unbridgeable dualistic divide, but rather to incorporate two conflicting aspects into one single nature – for it is the very complementarity of opposing elements that characterizes the totality of humankind.

Two young artists give their take on the primordial struggle between what we are and what we once were. A torrential flow of images on the complementarity of the human and the bestial. Endless transformations of the body.

- Anastasios Koukoutas

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