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Choreographers : Danae & Dionysios

Performers : Pauline de Laet, Livia Petillo, Ioulia

Zacharaki, Danae Dimitriadi

Music Composer : Constantine Skourlis

Costume Designer : Danae Grimopoulou

Light Designer : Jorg Schellekens

Nature, animals and indigenous people have been Danae and Dionysios’ source of inspiration for the past years and again this time they have been searching for the story which will ignite the urge to create.

Free At Last draws inspiration from Souliotes, a mountain tribe which used to exist in the north of Greece. More specifically, the Souliot war and the myth of Zalongo which occurred at the beginning of the 19th century.
Motivated and inspired by the myth, Danae and Dionysios wanted to capture the thrill of the moment and bring on stage the sensation of the final dance. Bodies move intensively in the space and create formations in such way which transfer the audience right at the edge of a mountain.

What intrigued and challenged Danae and Dionysios more, is what happens after the myth. The vibration and the frequency of the energy which one leaves behind remains and recycles in unique ways. The bodies become soil for the Earth and therefore they feed what fed them. From the ground up to the sky, from the roots to the blossoming flowers. The seed fall to the Earth and becomes their food again. From there they reborn.

The energy and the frequency from the past came along and from generation to generation it remained.

End to beginning, beginning to end, a constant recycling of life, death and rebirth.

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